Feb 25 2014

Jammy Toast Man

I created Jammy Toast Man as a mascot for this line of to-go Jam Sachets.
I think I was watching alot of Adventure time when I was doodling him.

Aug 30 2013

Fabry Disease iPad App

Aug 30 2013

Non-Specific iPhone Fitness app

Apr 4 2012

My Wife and I illustration

Nov 7 2011

War Cat Video Mobile Game Design

Whats that you say a first person shooter with
a cuddly cat as the protagonist…You are mad!!!
I created the art and the concept for this game in hopes
that someone will partner with me and help develop it.

Sep 30 2011

View to a Wedding Invite

I remixed the movie poster of a “A View to  a Kill” for a recent wedding invite design. The bride and groom are movie buffs.

Sep 29 2011

Wine Labels

Feb 24 2010

Teton River Beef Belt Buckle

I created this illustration as a proof of concept for a promotional material idea.
An illustration is essential when trying to sell an idea!

Feb 24 2010

Binnie and Hogg Logo

I created this logo for a D.J. team based in Scotland.

Jan 5 2010

Medical Illustration